Blues Dog

Blues Dog
Words & Music by A. West
© 2007 Anne West
Lead Vocals: Ann-O
Backup Vocals: Lola, Swan

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The moon is bright and it shows me the way
Makes me howl to be kept at bay
Don’t wanna keep on chasing my own tail
Gotta follow my instincts, keep my nose to the trail
Knowing trouble beckons me on the other side
But a good time is the call and there’s no place left to hide
Hear me

The scent of desire is in the air
There’s a slavering lust inside, so you all should beware
‘Cause I’ve tasted freedom and I want some more
Wanna get down and dirty like I did before
You can tell that I’m up to no good
A million-dollar collar ain’t gonna change my mood
Hear me

It’s just the natural way, when two things attract
I simply can’t resist the power of the pack
The place I belong is out on the other side
The pull is so strong, like the moon on the tides
I can’t ignore their calls; the feeling’s too intense
I long to be uncaged as I gaze through the fence
Hear me

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